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About Us

We are an Art and Healing Space
for Everyone

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Here at our Studio, we strive to provide enrichment and constructive experiences for our community, by providing a safe space for people from all walks of life to discover themselves, gain new skills, develop their artistic voice and vision, share and create together, nurture their creative problem-solving abilities, and build bridges between viewpoints, cultures, and generations.

Studio staff are professionally trained practicing artists, and our staff and volunteers have backgrounds in a variety of areas, such as: fine and commercial arts, digital technology, nonprofit management, community development, art and healing/expressive arts therapies, among other things. What unites us is our love of creativity, and our shared belief in it as a force for the common good ~ and a potential remedy for much of what ails many of us in today's world.

We encourage folks to drop by for a visit during our open gallery hours, chat, get some tea or coffee, and enjoy the space, free of charge. You can rent Open Studio time if you'd like to use our tools, materials or supplies while you're here. 


Have an idea for a workshop, event or ?? We'd be happy to discuss it, and even help plan with you. Call or email us at least two weeks in advance of your planned event for best results. 

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