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Festive Skull Ornament by Beth Kattleman

Festive Skull Ornament by Beth Kattleman


A unique ceramic tray handmade by Beth Kattleman


Beth Kattleman


Waldport, Oregon 


Beth is a mixed media artist who hails originally from New York State. During her career as a high school librarian, she fell in love with the look and feel of old glossy magazines from the 1950's-70's. She has found her creative "voice" in assemblage and collage, especially her signature altered book series, which also come with altered stories on the back of each sculpture that play off the title and intention of the piece.



Her themes range from the nostalgic, whimsical or absurdist, to an ongoing social commentary, delivered with visual puns and satirical word play.



Beth lives and works in Waldport, OR with her husband and their beach-loving dog, Hank.


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    6in x 8.5in

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