on our adventure to discover life through creativity, compassion and exploration of this experience on Earth as a human being.

Here at our Studio, we strive to provide enrichment and constructive experiences for our community, by providing a safe space for people from all walks of life to discover themselves, gain new skills, develop their artistic voice and vision, share and create together, nurture their creative problem-solving abilities, and build bridges between viewpoints, cultures, and generations.

An online emporium of exquisite collectibles and crafts


Retail and Gifts

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Craft kits

Craft kits, patches, stickers, apparel, books, Tarot and more

We have many events and celebrations open to everyone. Join some of ours and make your own!


Halloween 2021

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Lantern Walk Winter  2021

More fun events headed your way! We had a great time last year and wish to thank everyone that participated in body or mind.

Our passion is healing. Our business is art. Come to our studio and relax, and enjoy a safe place on the coast to unwind. You can read, learn, make art, use wifi, listen to music or browse our wares.

Original art and prints by local and regional artisans will brighten any home or creative space. You can rent our space by the hour or day for your gatherings, meetings or presentations. Use our media studio where you can record a podcast, or film a presentation.


Workshops hosted by local artists, right here in Florence


Mosaic Workshop

Do you have ideas for

a class that you would

like to attend? Let us know!




Would you like to teach a class? get a hold of us!

Precious fine art by the finest craftspeople in Oregon


Local Art

Lovingly hand-crafted work from local and regional artists are here to fill your space your  pleaure and joy. Bring them home as a gift for a loved one. All of our artists are amazing, and we are privileged to sell them at our store. Come browse and relish the many colors and flavors of light we have to offer.


Order online! All of our inventory is available right here on your browser. We can ship almost anywhere


Just be.

Everyone needs a place to unwind, relax, and calm down sometimes. To quiet the mind. To allow for restoration and meditation.


We provide a safe space for everyone to exist in a supportive, non-violent place outside of school and home.

Come in. Read a book. Learn something new. Listen to music. Browse our vibrant collection of art. Use our WIFI. Or not.


You don't have to do anything.


Loungy Place