The Artists We Carry

Arshan Ghassemi 
Mapleton, Oregon

"Do you like cows? I like cows."

Arshan is a young adult artist living and working in Mapleton, Oregon. He loves to draw images of the animals and people on the farmland nearby and is highly proficient in his drawing ability and enthusiasm. 

Arshan is on the Autism Spectrum; he is supported by friends and family so that he can devote more time towards his art. His father is an advocate for Autism Awareness, and serves on the board of nonprofits that further this purpose. Arshan has become popular with collectors in the Pacific NW, and he hopes to someday make art-making his full time career. 


Colter Corbaley
Florence, Oregon

"My name is Colter Corbaley. I am originally from San Luis Obispo, CA, but I have lived all over the country including most recently Georgia, Montana, and Texas. 

I do Pen & Ink and Mixed Media drawings; I am very inspired by Aubrey Beardsley and the nouveau movement in general, as well as Esao Andrew's and other pop-surrealist artists. 

I take a lot of inspiration from many places other than fine art as well, including the photography of Nobuyoshi Araki, personal experiences, dreams etc. But I'm most Inspired by the people I meet, and fellow creatives I build friendships with. A strong sense of community is very important to me."


Judith Ferlini Jiménez 
Eugene, Oregon

“Art transcends limits in a world full of divisions, breaking down social barriers. Visual communication becomes a more effective form of communication than words from an over-informed world. Art is an oasis of beauty, appreciation and expression of one’s own concerns for the soul of each spectator”. 

Judith Ferlini was born in Costa Rica in 1992, she grew up feeling the need to express her own being in a culture where rationalization and the pressure of commercial structure that is accelerated leaves no room for change in creative and intuitive thought. As a girl, she became interested in many aspects of visual art and discovered the vast possibilities in painting. 

She entered the National University of Costa Rica and studied Art and Visual Communication, later she got a Master’s Degree in Landscaping and Site Design at the University of Costa Rica. She has been employed teaching art classes in academies and private educational centers in Costa Rica and as a designer in multi-criteria projects. 

She moved to Corvallis, Oregon and dedicated herself completely to the creation of art in her own studio. She concentrates on high contrast and color using natural motifs and symbolism for a catharsis of realization in which the viewer can be reflected in a window towards his own being. 

She currently resides in Corvallis, and she travels to Costa Rica to refresh herself with tropical nature and visit her family. She is working to exhibit her art in galleries and cultural spaces in both countries. 


Eugene, Oregon

"When viewing my work, I'm hoping that people will feel some of the the peace, and ease of heart that I felt while creating it."

Peter Johnson, AKA Badger, is an artist living in Eugene, Oregon. He has exhibited and sold work at the Eugene Saturday Market, various retail locations in the Pacific NW, and online. 

"I was always making things, even as a kid. My twin sister would make sure that I was equipped with paint and paper. The high school art studio was a dream shop for me. After that, there was a whole series of shops, and work spaces.

 The advent of computer graphics has given rise to whole new possibilities. That has made it so much easier to create endless patterns, and experience shape and color like never before. Since 2004 I have been down the rabbit hole finding all the great images, and bringing them forwards ~ thanks to my art software, I can go back on decades old designs, and breathe new life, and color into them with the graphic programs. The good that it does for me to experience the "doing" of it has always been good for my heart."


Lesley Anne Burke 
Portland, Oregon

“If the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found”
-Terence McKenna

I have always used artmaking as a way to process emotions, ideas, and difficulties.  After being inspired by Alex Grey’s “The Mission of Art”, I decided to become an art therapist and learn more about how art can heal.  My current artwork contains themes that are also relevant to my work as a therapist, especially related to the transformation that can be catalyzed through the use of sacred plant medicines.

My work can be considered “Visionary Art,”  including themes of transformation, spirituality, dreams, and visions.  I often have the experience of art coming through me, rather than from me.  I am drawn to art that expresses the inner world of the artist through the clarity and beauty of refined technique, and aspire to create art that evokes that experience in others.  My intent with my current work is to merge interests in psychology, personal transformation, social change, and plant medicines through the medium of paint.


Lori Barker
Goshen, CT

"Art is my church, Reiki is my prayer." 

Lori Barker's work is an imitation of her life- an ongoing collage, deep with excitement and spiritual mysteries. As she explains it, "As a Reiki Master working with energy healing, there is always the desire to explore the other side of matter, and thus express what the artist inside sees." 

Her mixed media work blends nature and spirituality into an exploration of the rhythms of life. Angels, in particular, inspire her and are Lori's trusted muse. The work is about the poetry that lives beneath the surface of things where layers of paper, paint, wood, fabric, metal and images come alive, creating an altered world. 

Lori is a former teacher and graduate of Southern Conneticut State University, with further studies at Savannah College of Art & Design, Bennington College, and the Omega Institute. She has exhibited her award-winning works in spaces all around the New England area, as well as at art and craft fairs throughout the year. Her career spans 50 years of making, learning and teaching. 


Carrie Phillips 
Eugene, Oregon

Carrie is an emerging artist who enjoys working with skeletal structures and natural materials. Her whimsical "bone garden" sculptures are made with ethically reclaimed animal bones, crystals, mixed media assemblage materials, and finds from her beachcombing expeditions along the Oregon Coast.


Beth Kattleman 
Waldport, Oregon 

Beth is a mixed media artist who hails originally from New York State. During her career as a high school librarian, she fell in love with the look and feel of old glossy magazines from the 1950's-70's. She has found her creative "voice" in assemblage and collage, especially her signature altered book series, which also come with altered stories on the back of each sculpture that play off the title and intention of the piece.


Her themes range from the nostalgic, whimsical or absurdist, to an ongoing social commentary, delivered with visual puns and satirical word play.

Beth lives and works in Waldport, OR with her husband and their beach-loving dog, Hank.


SoulWise Art 
Florence, Oregon

"My work is an ongoing exploration of personal expression... I lose myself in art and I find myself in the process ~ and through finding, I reach through to bring forth the transpersonal."

SoulWise Art is the fine art and craft practice of Serena Blossom Appel. She has a rich and varied background in media of all kinds, learned over a lifetime of being around other creative, talented and expressive folk.

Serena holds a BFA from Columbia College, Chicago, IL and a Masters in Art Therapy/Counseling from Marylhurst University, Oregon. She has made, shown and sold fine artwork for over 35 years in the U.S. and abroad, and has a long history of organizing community around expressive arts projects.

Her intuitively-derived work draws from a variety of sources, with an emphasis on the visual and textural langauge of mixed media, exploration of organic forms; dream, symbolic and visionary imagery; creative re-use, deconstructed fashion, and social commentary through an Intersectional Feminist lens.