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For two years since opening our doors, we are happy to continue hosting a full list of services for our most dedicated contributors. A multi-tiered listing of products,  services and events that will be available at our studio.


Sign up today to take part on your local Arts and Healing Center here in beautiful Florence, Oregon.

Serene Abundance Studio offers a peaceful space for you to focus on exploring and refining your creative practice. Our mission to promote creativity as a means of healing, inspiration and personal growth gives our members a path towards lifelong learning and development, within the support and encouragement of like-minded community.  We welcome beginners as well as advanced artists! There's nothing else quite like the synery and excitement that comes from spending time with other creative folk from across all types of disciplines & experience levels; sharing, learning and being inspired by one anothers' work.

We offer a fully stocked workshop with everything you need to create in a wide variety of art and craft media, digital arts, photography, small-run printing, and more. Members have access to an in person and online reference library, technical assistance, and additional options for one-on-one or small group instruction. We also host workshops, classes and special events throughout the month, and is home to a fine arts gallery featuring expressive, art and healing, and visionary artists from around the region and across the United States. Per Studio approval, Members may also have the ability to show their work in the Studio Gallery, host their own private or public events and workshops/classes, have a space to meet with clients, host meetings, and receive correspondence.


Use The Studio

  - Access to all of our fantastic supplies and tools!

  - Pesronalized assistance for all of our supplies, tools, gear and machines

  - Members-Only Area on our Studio web
site, including your own personal profile, discussion forum(s), virtual get-togethers, and exclusive online content.

  - Invites to members-only Studio events periodically throughout the year.

  - Special gift on your birthday!

Studio+ $50/mo

First Tier

  - Flexible access to the Studio Workshop space, tools  and materials, print and online reference  library.
  - Dedicated secure storage for your projects.

  - Technical help with tools and equipment as needed.

  - Group Check-Ins for a
rtist members, with moderated discussions and supportive feedback on your work.

  - Continuing Education on relevant topics in the creative  arts, developing an art for healing practice, and the "business of art".

Design Lab $75/mo

Second Tier

   ~ Flexible Access to our Media Room and/or Workshop space, photo/video studio gear, Virtual Reality rig, overhead projector, and digital arts hardware & software, as needed.

  ~ Technical guidance as needed to ensure success from concept design to finished product.

  ~ Continuing Education on relevant topics, based on interests of our Design Members.

Support $150/mo

Top Tier


~ Choose your own level of support. Flexible payment arrangements available.

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