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Halloween Costume Contest 2022

We had a decent turnout of Trick or Treaters & Costume Contest entries this year, despite the rainy night. Guests had fun posing for the Beaux Booth photobooth and getting printouts of their poses. Photos below were shot and developed courtesty of Kris Godwin from Zuul Industries. Enjoy!

Woman dressed in Day of the Dead Catrina outfit against a haunted house backdrop
1st Place - Adut/Teen - Catrina - Ivy Hawthorne

teen in homemade robot costume against haunted house backdrop
Runner-Up - Adult/Teen - Robot - Levi Spencer

young girl with mask, young boy with light up costume, mother with crown
1st Place - Kids - Universe Traveller & Queen - Magnus Buchanan & Family

Father and son in skeleton costume, young daughter in unicorn outfit
Runner Up - Kids - Unicorn Fairy with Skeleton Crew - Miller Family

youth in homemade Minecraft costume against haunted house backdrop
"Best (Minecraft) Pet" - Guy Riding a Pig - Taylor Spencer

man in Air Patrol uniform holding a creepy little girl decoration
Scariest Costume - Creepy Little Girl - Rich Stansfield


youth dressed in a Gilly Suit costume
Gilly Suit - Ethan Spencer

youth dressed as grandmother posing with mother
Grandma - Tony Hughes

woman dressed as Harley Quinn posing with two men in Joker costumes
Harley Quinn & A Couple of Jokers - Andrea Still

young child dressed in orange and blue costume
... And one Lil' Punkin!

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