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Halloween Costume Contest 2023!

Hey everybody, thanks for showing up! We had a blast and got some great pictures. Kudos to our local Florence Halloween fans for their originality, imagination, and enthusiasm! We can't wait to see what you come up with next year. :)


Best Teen Costume - Daft Punk - Kason & Kya Ricks

Two teens in Halloween costume dressed as Daft Punk

Best Group Costume - The Odom Family

Family posing in Halloween costumes: Father as Incredibles hero, son as a marine, daughter as Hermione from Harry Potter, toddler as dragon, plus mother.

Best Adult Costume - Civil Air Patrol Monkey - Richard Stansfield

man with both thumbs up, in a chimp mask, with Civil Air Force Patrol flak jacket on, displaying T shirt reading, "I See Dumb People".

Best Child Costume - Cheetah - Bailey Pearson

School aged girl in cheetah costume posing with hands up to her chin.


Santiago C. - Dracula

Grinning youth in Dracula costume with large tophat and sunglasses.

Leopard - Harlan Odom

Kindergarten aged child in leopard costume, posing with hands up to arrmpits and fierce expression.

Stitch - Keeley Pearson

girl posing in Stitch outfit

Fire Patrol - Blaine & Gunner Pearson

Two toddlers in firemen costumes, standing inside custom built toy fire truck

Angel, Devil, and a Duck - Jane & Magnus Buchanan

young brother in duck costume, posing with young girl in angel/devil costume

Luigi - Alex C.

Youth in Luigi costume posing for the camera with "oh no!" expression

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