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Pixl People: Cross-Stitch Your Favorite People Book

Pixl People: Cross-Stitch Your Favorite People Book

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Enjoy cross-stitching your favorite people and create high-quality, fun, personal works of art! Stitch up all the most important people in your life with this one-of-a-kind method that solves technical challenges for you but thrives on your creative input—only you know how to bring these characters to life. Using the PixlPeople method, select from a huge swath of elements that go beyond generic patterns and exact replicas—body types, skin tone combinations, hairstyles, outfits—and just follow the provided templates for each element. Add pets, hobby and career accessories, facial expressions, and even zodiac signs to round out your PixlPeople. This method works as a great introduction to cross-stitch, as well as a fun new type of project for those with more experience. Tips on design techniques will help your finished work stand out as a high-quality craft and charming gift.

96 pages | Hardcover


Product Dimensions


8.5x11 in


Product Weight


1 lbs 6 ozs

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