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The Bright Book Creativity Workbook

The Bright Book Creativity Workbook


Find your inner artist with this creative guided art journal from popular artist, Jessi Raulet (EttaVee)!

• 8 chapters guide your creative growth.
• Explore a range of art materials and techniques to find your unique style.
• Build your skills with art tips, lessons, and advice.
• Be inspired with lush art and inspirational quotes.
• Get to know your inner artist with engaging journal prompts.
• Printed on high-quality art paper so you can create right inside the book!

Creative ideas, exercises, and prompts from internationally-acclaimed artist Jessi Raulet (EttaVee). The book is organized into eight chapters and features creative opportunities such as journaling, collage, drawing, painting, and writing. Themes include: nurturing the artist within, exploring various art techniques without self-judgment, identifying and expressing an authentic style, harnessing the creative energy of travel and movement, experiencing the powerful effect of color on emotion, developing creative confidence, and sharing the joy of creativity with others. Designed to inspire, the book comes with metallic edging, elastic closure, foiled cover, and artist-quality paper.

96 pages | Hardcover


Product Dimensions

8.5x10 in


Product Weight

1 lbs 6 ozs

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