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Untitled Print by Badger

Untitled Print by Badger


Digital Art by Badger, unframed 19.5in x13in


Eugene, OR

"When viewing my work, I'm hoping that people will feel some of the the peace, and ease of heart that I felt while creating it."

Peter Johnson, AKA Badger, is an artist living in Eugene, Oregon. He has exhibited and sold work at the Eugene Saturday Market, various retail locations in the Pacific NW, and online.

"I was always making things, even as a kid. My twin sister would make sure that I was equipped with paint and paper. The high school art studio was a dream shop for me. After that, there was a whole series of shops, and work spaces.

 The advent of computer graphics has given rise to whole new possibilities. That has made it so much easier to create endless patterns, and experience shape and color like never before. Since 2004 I have been down the rabbit hole finding all the great images, and bringing them forwards ~ thanks to my art software, I can go back on decades old designs, and breathe new life, and color into them with the graphic programs. The good that it does for me to experience the "doing" of it has always been good for my heart."

  • Size

    19.5in x13in

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